Policy & Procedures:


v       Projects are delivered via email, ftp download, Dropbox, thumbdrive, or other as requested by client.

v       No charge for e-mail delivery or download from website. (All project files are virus checked before transmission).

v         Any mail or package over 1 ounce will be billed at current USPS rates.

v         Other delivery methods will be billed to customer at cost (ie: FedEx, UPS, etc.).

General Information

v         Hourly rates are billed in 15 minute increments with a 1 hour minimum per project.
v         Pricing includes, if requested, a draft for proofreading and revisions.
v         Client changes/revisions will be billed at the regular hourly rate.
v         Most projects will be completed in the late evening hours and will either be delivered to your email inbox, made available for download from our website, Dropbox, or sent by courier the following day.  Client to specify desired media transfer. 
v         We may be contacted in the office between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. Pacific Time.  If a specific need arises, a message service is available after hours but is not guaranteed to be answered until the following workday.  Please note that an additional service fee will be applied to “RUSH” and immediate turnaround projects.
v         We are available for receipt of projects Monday thru Saturday.  Our office is closed on Sunday.
v         All estimates are based on information provided during initial review and consultation of project. Final invoice is based on actual project requirements and may differ from estimate cost. Differences greater than 25% between estimate and actual will be discussed with client prior to project completion.
v         Final responsibility for proofreading and approval of the final draft lies with the client. After this approval, Pen & Letter Virtual Assistance cannot be held liable for errors or omissions.
v         Client files will be stored for the period of one year, free of charge, with the exception of a Retainer Plan being in place or other requests have been made. Under a Retainer Plan, files will be stored for up to five years at no charge, unless otherwise requested.  If a client provides project information on disk, the client is responsible for retaining a backup for safe keeping. Pen & Letter Virtual Assistance cannot be responsible for loss due to error or damage.
v         All project information is held in strict confidence via our signed Confidentiality Agreement, and will never be disclosed without Client written consent. This document can be signed and provided upon request. 

Payment Policy & Terms of Service

v         Local Clients – For services totaling $100.00 or less, payment is due prior to receipt of completed project. For larger projects, a deposit of 50% of project estimate will be required for project to commence. Payment is due in full prior to delivery of completed project, unless billing arrangements or agreements have been made in advance.

v         Distance Clients – Until a work history has been established, a deposit of 50% of the project estimate will be required for work to commence. Balance of payment is due in full prior to delivery of completed project, unless otherwise agreed upon.

v         Supplies, materials, postage, or any other items purchased on your behalf for the specific completion of your assigned project, must be paid for before project commences.

v        Invoices are prepared and sent the first day of each month. Payment is due within 5 days of receipt, unless otherwise agreed upon. However, for smaller projects, invoices are submitted and due prior to delivery of completed project.

v         As an option, invoices may be paid via credit card utilizing ApplePay or PayPal. For your convenience, click the PayPal button below to be linked directly into our business account for quick payment.

v         Unpaid accounts 30 days over project completion date are subject to an additional $30.00 monthly late fee. This fee will continue to occur for each 30 day period in which the account remains unpaid.

v         Returned checks are subject to a $40.00 NSF fee and no projects will be accepted or work continuing until the debt is settled.


** We Accept Credit Card Payments via ApplePay or PayPal **
     For your convenience, the following link will direct you to our account: